Damon Braces



Dr. Hall and his team of experts offer the latest and greatest orthodontic treatment options. In doing this, we ensure all of our patients receive the best care possible while also achieving their dream smile! We understand our patients have diverse preferences, lifestyles, and smiles, so naturally, we must work together to determine the most appropriate alternative. One of which is the Damon Braces orthodontic treatment.

What Makes Damon Braces Unique?

damon_03.jpgThe Damon System is similar to traditional metal braces; however, what sets them apart is that they are tie-less braces. This means there is no tightening required, eliminating the pressure that comes along with standard braces. These braces are gentle to the teeth and tissues.

Damon Braces also employ a high-tech, memory-shape wire that moves the teeth quickly while also requiring fewer adjustments. This wire is attached to brackets by a slide mechanism, which shifts naturally with the teeth as they realign. Both the tie-less braces and slide mechanism makes this system more comfortable, better looking and able to provide solid results in a shorter amount of time. The Damon System is a clinically proven treatment approach that aligns teeth and enhances facial aesthetics, usually without extractions or rapid palatal expanders.

Clinically Proven Advantages Of Damon Braces

damon_04.jpgMany patients opt to use the Damon System as a result of its:

  • Extraordinary results for smiles and faces
  • Fast treatment time and fewer office visits
  • Outstanding comfort without tightening appointments
  • In most cases, elimination of headgear or tooth extractions
  • Easiness to clean

Types Of Damon Braces

There are several types of Damon Braces available including:

Damon 3 Brackets

damon_01.jpgThe Damon 3 brackets is a combination of stainless steel and clear material. The stainless steel offers stability, while the clear material is for aesthetic purposes. This system hosts a rounded structure, which enhances patient comfort while also supporting overall performance.

Using advanced self-ligation techniques, the Damon 3 System boasts not only lighter wires, but also brackets that produce much less friction when coming in contact with tooth surfaces. As a result, patients tend to have shorter treatment times.

Damon 3MX Brackets

Damon3MX_bracket_openclosed.jpgThe Damon 3MX Brackets is an all-metal, stainless steel system, marvelously sculpted to elevate the results and efficiency to the next level.

The system features:

  • Less archwire friction to promote faster tooth movement
  • Award-winning, stainless steel metal-injection molding to make brackets extremely durable
  • Easy-to-use slide mechanism for quick wire changes
  • Four solid walls for faster tooth movement with minimal friction and more control
  • Smooth and rounded edges for maximum comfort and improved hygiene

Damon Q

damon_02.jpgThe Damon Q System is a new, all-metal, self-ligating braces system that exceeds the norm when it comes to patient comfort and treatment time. Damon Q is the newest and most advanced of the Damon Braces. It features smoother brackets made entirely of high-grade stainless steel, rounded corners, and removable positioning gauges. Such removable gauges ensure Dr. Hall places the brackets in the perfect position to give you the beautiful smile you've been dreaming of! If you want a great-looking smile with the least amount of treatment time, please contact Epic Orthodontics for more information on the latest revolution in self-ligating braces, Damon Q!

Damon Clear Brackets

DamonClear_bracket.jpgFor those that wish for a more discrete system, Damon Clear Brackets are available. This system offers the comfort of regular Damon braces and is stain-resistant, meaning you may continue enjoying drinking and eating foods like coffee, mustard, curries and red wine. Damon Clear is a quick, comfortable and subtle way to accomplish the beautiful smile you've been dreaming of!

Contact Epic Orthodontics

If you have any questions about the Damon System, please don't hesitate to contact us as we're always happy to help! IF you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hall to find out if Damon Braces are right for you or your child, please call our Weatherford office at (817) 599-9429 or our Granbury office at (817) 573-4746 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you soon!