State Of The Art Technology


Dr. Hall and our entire staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of equipment and instrument sterilization.

High-speed dental handpieces pass through a self-contained KaVo-Steam Sterilizer System, and each handpiece is then individually packaged with a verification reporting strip. The sterilizers themselves are monitored by an off-site professional monitoring system to verify their continued efficiency.

All water used during orthodontic procedures comes from a safe, self-contained system. Each chair-side cabinet is equipped with a bottle of distilled water and a second bottle that contains a sterilization solution. Each waterline is flushed with the solution to ensure your safety and protect your health. Although the taste of our water is not equal to Perrier, we know that it is sterile and safe!

Pliers and all instruments in our office are cycled through a dry heat sterilizer or a Kavoclave unit after each use - every time, every instrument and every plier; no exception.

Once in the office, you will notice that we use the latest style of Apple computers. Our computerized check-in station is there for you to record your arrival.