Adult Treatment


Adult Treatment

Here at Epic Orthodontics, nearly one-fourth of our patients are adults. Appliances that are barely noticeable have been developed to give adults more discreet choices when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Many adults are beginning to learn about the newer, less visible orthodontic appliances that have been designed to blend more easily into an adult's personal and professional lifestyle. Therefore, adults have begun to invest in smile makeovers more often simply because there are more significant social and professional benefits. Not only can straight teeth be important to boosting one's self confidence, a great smile can also be crucial in preventing gum disease, tooth loss, jaw discomfort and even chronic head, neck or jaw pain.

Popular Orthodontic Treatment for Adults 

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional Metal Braces.Metal braces are sleeker and more effective than ever. Braces consist of a thin wire that runs through brackets and is attached on either end to metal bands that go around a back molar. 


Clear Braces 

Clear Braces.Ceramic braces are a great, more discreet option for adults. They are hardly visible, while remaining completely effective. These are a better option for adults, as they are less noticeable.


Clear Orthodontic Aligners.

As an alternative to the fixed type of orthodontic appliances mentioned above, Invisalign clear aligners are removable. This treatment consists of a series of clear plastic "trays" that fit over your teeth. Each tray is part of a series of trays that move your teeth a little bit at a time until they are in the proper position. Your trays are designed with the help of specialized computer software that generates a virtual model of your bite.


After Treatment

Wearing a retainer after orthodontic treatment is crucial, no matter which type of appliance you choose and what age you happen to be. Teeth that are not held in place by a retainer long enough for new supporting bone to develop around them can drift back to their original positions, and that's certainly not something we — or you — want to see happen. We will make sure to instruct you on how to retain your new, more beautiful smile so that it continues to make you look and feel great for years to come.  We usually place bonded lower retainers that are behind your teeth and are not visible.  We also deploy clear upper retainers during your first year after braces as they are also invisible and easy to speak in.

Make Your Smile Epic!

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age, so don't be shy! Contact Epic Orthodontics today to get started! If you have any questions regarding any of our appliances, feel free to contact us and schedule a consultation online. We hope to see you soon!