Mythbusting Orthodontics

Mythbusting Orthodontics
Posted on 12/16/2016

Mythbusting Orthodontics: Braces Breakdown

As your trusted Weatherford and Granbury, TX orthodontist, we at Epic Orthodontics strive to offer you the highest quality of orthodontic treatments. We understand that undergoing an orthodontic treatment, such as braces, can be a large leap for some people and it might even be nerve-wracking. Unfortunately though, a lot of this fear is due to rumors and falsehoods that are only meant to scare potential patients and stem from old outdated methods.  Allow us to take the time to dispel several of the more detrimental orthodontic myths.

 Myth #1 – Braces Are Meant for Kids

This is certainly not true at all. In fact, about one in five patients happen to be adults, yes that 20%! More and more adults are recognizing the benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment and it’s starting to be viewed more favorably amongst adults. The truth is that you’re never too old to correct any orthodontic problems.  As long as your gums and bone is healthy, your teeth will move just as well as if you were a kid again.

Myth #2 – Braces Are Painful

While braces of the past used stiffer wires that led to more discomfort, advanced technologies and more flexible wires have minimized the discomfort of wearing braces. Modern braces are more convenient and comfortable – you don’t need to be in constant pain to get your teeth straightened.

Myth #3 – Kissing with Braces Can Get You Stuck

Nowadays, braces are smaller, making it nearly impossible for a person to get stuck while kissing, no matter if the other person has braces or not. So go ahead – no need to be shy……….unless you are too young to be kissing!

Myth #4 – Braces Can Set Off Metal Detectors at Airports

The materials that braces are made out of are lightweight and will not set off any metal detectors at airports or other locations.

Myth #5 – But a Giant Magnet Could Pull You Away, Right?

We’re not exactly sure who started this rumor, but it could not be further from the truth! No matter the size of the magnet, your feet will be planted firmly on the ground.

Myth #6 – Braces are Too Expensive for the Average Person

Epic Orthodontics makes braces affordable for everybody with our infinitely flexible payment plans. We offer ZERO interest payment plans to ALL of our patients.  You can custom taylor your payments to meet you need.  We will work with you insurance company to make like easy.  We also offer Care Credit which allows an option for no downpayment as well as extended terms up to 5 years.  Cost should not be an obstacle for you to get the smile you have always wanted.

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