How Invisalign Shifts Teeth

How Invisalign Shifts Teeth
Posted on 02/21/2017

How Invisalign Moves Teeth

At Epic Orthodontics, we strive to be your premier choice when you’re looking for excellence in orthodontic care. As your trusted Weatherford and Granbury, TX orthodontist, we’re proud to offer the latest in advanced orthodontic technology so we can offer you the widest range of orthodontic treatments. From traditional metal braces to Damon braces to Invisalign, you can be certain that we’ll have a treatment that’s perfect for you. We’d like to take this time to explain how one of our advanced treatments, Invisalign, works to move a patient’s teeth into alignment.

The Invisalign Process

In all orthodontic treatments, teeth are moved as a result of physiologic forces. With braces, this consists of pulling the teeth with wires. However, with Invisalign, this consists of pushing the teeth with aligners. These custom-made aligners are created using advanced 3-D computer technology after taking impressions of the patient’s teeth.

During the Invisalign process, you’ll have a series of aligner sets made for you to wear in a designated order. Each aligner set will be worn for two weeks before you start wearing the next set. The more severe the orthodontic problems are, the more sets that a patient will need to go through. The first set of aligners you’ll have to wear will be very similar to your current teeth. This set is only meant to slightly push your teeth closer into alignment. As you continue to wear the aligners, each set will be closer to the desired final outcome of your teeth, slowly and gradually pushing your teeth into alignment. After the final aligners are worn, you’ll find that your teeth are now fully aligned just as the orthodontist prescribed.

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