Fun Alternatives to Candy

Fun Alternatives to Candy
Posted on 10/17/2016

Fun Alternatives to Candy

At Epic Orthodontics, we’ve made it our mission to provide high quality orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign for those in and around Weatherford and Granbury, TX. As your trusted orthodontist, we care about all our patients and we want to see them end their treatment with a beautiful and healthy smile. However, one thing standing in the way of this is Halloween as it brings an abundance of harmful candies!

The Dangers of Candy

Halloween is a fun tradition; however, this tradition becomes quickly dampened when a child is undergoing orthodontic treatment. It’s understandable that this holiday brings about anxiety for parents of children with braces as this fun and exciting holiday unfortunately also holds serious and potentially expensive dangers. Many of the candies your children will carry home with them after this night will be hard, stick, and high in sugar; simply put, braces’ worst nightmare! Hard candies are dangerous as they can break off brackets or snap your children’s wires. Sticky candies can pull at the metal, remove glued on hardware, and cause painful damage. The candies that are full of sugar can form acids that eat away at tooth enamel and cause tooth related problems. To ensure your child’s teeth and braces are safe, be sure to remove hard and sticky candies from their loot! On the positive side, softer candies like plain Hershey’s and Reese’s are safer to eat. Just remember – it has to be in moderation to avoid potential tooth damage!

How to Limit Your Child’s Sweet Tooth

With the emphasis on candy during Halloween, it’s very likely that a child will end up with more candy than anyone could ever know what to do with it – whether there was any actual trick-or-treating or not. One of the things you can do to limit the candy your child eats is to institute a buyback program. You can make a deal that for trading in a set amount of candies, you’ll reward your child with something else he or she may enjoy. This could be a dinner out, a video game, or a trip to the pet store.


Also, if you want to limit the candy your child eats, try reemphasizing the focus of Halloween. Children love celebrating things and when candy is considered the most important part of the holiday, that’s what they’re going to be most interested in. Try to teach your child about some of the other aspects of Halloween. Get them dressed up in a Halloween outfit, fill the house with Halloween decorations, teach them about Dia De Los Muertos, go to a costume party, carve a pumpkin, or admire the cute black cats. Show your child that there’s other fun parts to Halloween and there’s more to its culture as well.


Fun Alternatives To Candy

To make sure your child doesn’t feel left out, Epic Orthodontics has compiled a list of fun alternatives for your child this Halloween! Some friendlier ideas are as follows:

  • Stickers

  • Temporary Tattoos

  • Bubbles

  • Toys

  • Trail Mix

  • Glow Sticks

  • Sticky Hands or Eyeballs

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